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Wine barrel for sale - wine barrels, planter tubs, pickle tubs, wooden buckets, well buckets, unique cavings

Experience photo, drink label machine  for sale

/Typecode: e-IP-ÉFIC-TDM/

  • touchscreen display, camera, wine barrel case
  • color printer, - accept coins (EURO)
  • custom design
  • 12 month guarantee
  • free delivery and install
  • experience photo, drink label maker, printer software
  • 1 piece of drink label design
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Wine barrels, barrique barrels  for sale

Barrel history

Even in the Antique Hellas wooden barrels were made so as to store, deliver and age wine. The invention of the wooden pot made from staves is connected to Speussippus, greek philosopher’s name, from 300 BC. The wine barrels expelled the ceramic pots, and so thus after more than 2000 years the barrels and tubs made by coopers is the part of our life.

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Blossom tubs - Flower planter, tubs  for sale

Application suggestions


The blossom tubs can be planted with decorative small, big plants, flowers or trees, both inside and outside. We produce trays for under both the inside and outside tubs so as to prevent the spread of the water. We have to make a hole at the bottom of the outside tubs so as to let the rainwater out.


All the tubs are turned, with galvanized hoops and reinforced legs so as to leave the bottom ventilated. From outside it is varnished, from inside toasted over a flame for protection of the wood. The small tubs are fitted with galvanized hoop handles. The large ones made with galvanized wrought handles each of which are fitted with 4 screws. The thickness of the pots are 28 mm.

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Unique carvings, as a gift or for special occasions



We can engrave the wine barrel bottom according to unique needs as well. We can use company logos or, based on individual drawings engravings for special occasions, weddings or simply as a gift.



We work with the modern CNC technology, which is adapted for fulfilling multiple tasks. With this the quality and the precision of the decoration is increased.

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Pickle tubs for sale

The pickle vats are vats with screw wound pressure plates, which are designed for pickling either slaw (shredded cabbage) or the whole cabbage. They are turned from inside and outside, reinforced with galvanized hoops. Before the first use, you should fill with cold water, so as to expand, then with hot water so as to prevent the tannin of the oak tree staining the cabbage. After usage clean properly and store in a cool place.

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Wooden buckets, well buckets for sale

In the old times the well bucket was used to pull out water from dug wells, but nowadays it is mostly a garden decoration. Turned from inside and outside, reinforced with galvanized hoops, fitted with galvanized handles. At the middle of the handle there is an eyelet. The galvanized handle is flattened at the end and fitted securely under the bucket’s hoops.

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