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Wine barrel history - As our great-grandfathers did before us…


In 1735 our family was amongst those sent to the deserted areas of Hungary by Maria Teresa with the aim of populating and industrialising them.

Our ancestors already dealt with barrel making and this old tradition has been hereditary from father to son since then.




Nowadays, in the 21st century many machines help with a lot of the heavy work enabling the production of the barrels in a much faster and more accurate way using the same specially selected sessile oak as a raw material.

The production begins in the forests of the Bükk mountains with the careful annual selection of the trees. We select only the trees which are to our liking and of a high quality, then once in the workshop we cut it to size, cleave it precisely in two and saw it down to make the staves before drying it in the open air.


After drying we select the staves one by one and at this stage decide which of them we are going to use to make beer, wine, palinka barrels or tree tubs for plants.

Although our products are available to order from anywhere in Europe the majority stay right here in Hungary.