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Wine barrels, barrique barrels  for sale

Barrel history

Even in the Antique Hellas wooden barrels were made so as to store, deliver and age wine. The invention of the wooden pot made from staves is connected to Speussippus, greek philosopher’s name, from 300 BC. The wine barrels expelled the ceramic pots, and so thus after more than 2000 years the barrels and tubs made by coopers is the part of our life.

Raw material


The main raw material of barrel manufacturing is the Sessile oak (Quercus petrea), which originated from the Bükk area in  Hungary’s north, more than 800 metres above sea level. Besides this material a barrel can also be made from wattle, mulberry, beech, sweet chestnut and other fruit trees.

During the selection of the Sessile block the main aspect is that the tree needs to be mature with the smallest concentric ring in the exact centre, it must be straight and true, thick trunked and without knots, damage or illness



Prepararion, processing


We chop, cleave, jig the choosen butts to the wanted length and stack them, then aged in the open air “smoothly”, while the rain washes out the unwanted materials. With time, 1-2 years, the moisture content of the wood will equalize with the moisture content of the air, we call this air dried timber with a value of circa 12%.


Ready-made product making


We select the air-dryed wood stave, cut the lenght, sawn the inside out „disembowel”, the plane on the edges „premilling” and we set up the completed barrel from its parts.

We „fuel out” the ready barrel mantle from its own waste which means we bend the staves. If the two ends are the same, then the scorching will come, which can be light, medium, medium plus or heavy style. According to the intensity of the scorching the wine will penetrate into the filament of the wood in the same rate and will unlink the chemicals from it. That’s why they mature the precious wine in wood barrels, and they create the taste of the wines as needed.

We process the edge of the ready barrel mantle, evolve groove, the “neatness” which affiliate the bottom, and then we make the filling and drain mortise.

After that we measure the already made carriage into the neatness, saw it to the shape of a circle, dipping the thickness and put it in place “ground inthe barrel.

The last elaboration is the turnery, grinding and to make the galvanized hoops.

Before delivery we pack every barrel separately, to prevent any damage


Oak wine barrels

Sizes of our most commonly produced barrels for sale


Capacity Diameter of the "head" Diameter of  the"tummy" Height
5 liter 21cm 26cm 26cm
10 liter 26cm 32cm 32cm
20 liter 30cm 35cm 35cm
30 liter 36cm 42cm 42cm
50 liter 42cm 50cm 50cm
80 liter 46cm 56cm 56cm
100 liter 52cm 60cm 60cm
150 liter 56cm 66cm 66cm
200 liter 62cm 72cm 72cm
250 liter 66cm 76cm 76cm
300 liter 72cm 82cm 82cm
500 liter 86cm 98cm 98cm
225 liter barrique 56cm 69cm 98cm
300 liter barrique 64cm 80cm 98cm


Barrel outfiring